Contents page current changes

For my contents page I drew up a plan of how I wanted to have the layout. So I done some more research. I got a collection of magazines and found some similarities. In the majority of the magazines I looked at had numbers on there pictures that corresponded with the article and what page number they would be found on. Then they have the article titles and then a brief description of what is inside of the article. After looking at these magazines I have decided to not change the style of my contents page and stick to my original plan for how my layout will be.

Comparing my contents flat plan and contents page final

This is my contents page flat plan and my final contents page. There has been a lot of changes since my flat plan. The layout has changed as I started creating it I sent screenshots to some on my target audience it was made clear that the original design was beginning to become cluttered so I had to change it.

Double Page Article

Originally for my double page article I wanted to have the background of the page as a plain white and use the colours I had originally used throughout my magazine for the text. However it looked too plain against all the other parts of magazine I had made so far, so I zoomed the photo in closer to lose some of the grey background and to make the focus more on the model and then added a soft pink colour to the other page. I wrote the models name in grey and put it underneath the main text so it still stands out but does not draw too much attention away from anything else. I also added another quote in white to the page to draw the readers attention in and then added an introduction to the article underneath.

Editing the font colour of my double page article

Originally the colour of text was going to be black the whole way through, but my target audience didn't like it. So I went back onto InDesign and started to edit the colours.
Firstly, I needed to highlight the text that I wanted to change. Then I went into swatches and scrolled through until I found a purple and pink shade that matched the ones I had used throughout the rest of my magazine. This is what my updated text for my double page article looks like
I have used the purple shade to use as my introduction and the pink to separate the questions from the interviewer and the answers from my magazine model. This also makes the article easier to skim read because key information can be found easier

double page article text colour

 For my double page article I used InDesign, when I first added all my text I had the writing in black, because I thought this is what was typical from the research that I had done. However I sent a clip of the article out to my target audience, with all the text in black and the feedback I received is that they would prefer some colour in the article so that it didn't look so plain.

Using Indesign

For my page of text for my article i am using indesign, I am using this software instead of photoshop because it gives me more control of columns and photos that i am including in the interview.

Double page article image choices